Plumbing – Aviation Department

Salary- $24.34 – $31.52/hour DOE

Job Type: Part Time

Job Number: ADPL0067

Location: Tempe, AZ 85282

Closing Date 2/27/2017 at 4:00pm

*Must be able to work nights, holidays, and weekends 

The Aviation Department for a local Mesa Airport seeks qualified candidates and applicants for the part time position of an aviation plumber. The position requires an individual skilled in technical work, involving the tasks of general aviation plumbing, including but not limited to digging, repairing, maintaining, constructing, and installing plumbing systems. Candidate will be required to respond to work orders, including emergency work orders and complaints as requested.

The job requires a fast paced, motivated individual that is experienced in general plumbing and acting immediately in emergency situations related to water systems and plumbing.

Part time hours will consist of four 8 hour shifts per week, with the possibility to move into a full time position.

Experience Requirements:

The position requires three (2) years experience in general plumbing or aviation related plumbing field.

Must Possess Knowledge of the following for consideration:

Potable Wall Reel Units (knowledge of)

Obtain and maintain airfield driving privileges

Physical Demands:

Must be able to stand perform work that requires up to 8 hours of standing, lifting, stretching into particular positions, and the ability to lift and exert up to 50 pounds of exertion.

Interviews will be held for qualified candidates on Wednesday, March 2 at 9:00 am in Tempe, Arizona. For more information, please visit, or contact us directly. If you have any questions, contact the phone number on the website. They are the hiring division for the aviation plumber.

All qualified candidates will be notified for an interview upon resume acceptance. The exact location will be emailed or text to candidate upon notification of interview.

Additional Information:

All candidates that are called for an interview will be required to an extensive work history verification that consists of the past 10 years, including fingerprinting, a criminal background check, and their eligibility of employment in the United States.

This is an Equal Opportunity Employment Opportunity.



Helicopters….I don’t believe that helicopters get as much credit as they deserve.  Everyone knows that airplanes are the general consensus for travel among people throughout the world.  They are of course more efficient in holding a large number of  people and taking them across land and sea to destinations of their choice.  We have small planes for the beginning pilots to fly which in turn bring charter flights into the mix.  What about helicopters and all they provide for us as well.  From medi-vacing someone in dire need of medical attention, to giving the news stations traffic updates, to still even allowing for fire departments to enlist in the help of bringing giant gallons of water into the eye of a fire, to being able to explore the rare beauty in valleys and such while on vacation in destinations such as Hawaii, helicopters are small birds that can accomplish much.  

 My first love for helicopters began in 1999, when my parents took me on a graduation trip to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.  I was excited to explore the island and see the pristine beaches.  To be the biggest tourist you could imagine and devour as much sightseeing as possible.  Being from the desert this seemed like a dream come true.  Fast forward to arriving and realizing accessing the lava flow from the Volcano was much more real and alot harder of a task then I imagined.  To making the ability to see waterfalls and  the crevices of valleys such as Waipio Valley a task that would take forever on foot.  I only had 5 days!  My dad being the great guy that he is and with such great ideas, comes up with taking a helicopter tour of the island.  The brochure stated that we would be able to fly, into, up to and around things that would otherwise not happen or that may limit us to seeing the beauty first hand as I had imagined on the PLANE ride there.

We hopped on a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour and saw everything!  From the Volcano spouting lava, exploring the Volcanic craters, flying up and into the valley of waterfalls so close I could feel the pressure of the pounding water vibrate through the rotors.  That was when I knew that planes were great, after all one brought me to this magical place, but helicopters were something special.  They had the agility and the compactness to enter into spots that planes otherwise could not.  They were able to whisk me away off the ground in a safe ride, a ride that I may say was probably the ride of my life to this day.  

So although airplanes overshadow helicopters merely with their size and capacities,let’s not forget the incredible adventure and experience that can be found in riding in a helicopter!

Martin Luther King Jr.

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we would like to share a little bit about the man that helped to shape history.  Known as one of the greatest or perhaps even THE greatest Civil Rights Activist, as well as leading the Civil Right Movement from the mid 1950’s to his unfortunate assassination in 1968, Martin was a man that many respected and still do to date.  Born on January 15th,1929 in Atlanta,Georgia to his parents Michael and Alberta King, he was the middle child and bared the name Michael King Jr. after his father.  Martin Luther King Jrs. father would eventually take over his father in law’s ministry as pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and become such a successful minister that he would be given the name Martin Luther King Sr. in honor of the german protestant religious leader Martin Luther.  With Martin Luther King Srs son following in his footsteps too, Michael King Jr. soon adopted the same name after becoming a minister himself, making him Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up Martin Luther King Jr. was a well behaved, disciplined child.  With much love from his siblings, parents and grandparents he enjoyed a well rounded childhood.  He was in fact so close knit with his family , that upon hearing of his grandmother’s death by heart attack, he attempted to jump from a second story window of his family’s home trying to commit suicide.  God had other plans for him though.  Coming out with a few bumps and bruises Martin Luther was on his way to inspiring others with his speeches and what are now famous quotes.  He believed in equality for all and that love should prevail over all else.  Not only did he inspire others with his words and visions, he also headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and played a seismic role in ending the segregation of black and white people.  In doing so he helped create the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  With his pivotal role in leading the boycotting of the public bus system in 1955 after the Rosa Parks incident he gained respect and admiration from many.  He had a fresh approach to all the civil rights issues going on as well as a new zest and approach to actually getting some justice.  Because of his many accomplishments he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.  He believed in the faith of god and widely wanted to protest in a non violent way so that his voice as well as others could be heard.

On August 28,1963 Martin Luther King Jr. led a massive demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial on civil rights.  It was there his defining speech “I have Dream” would play a huge roll in the Civil Rights movement.  As a matter of fact at another of his protests where he was arrested and taken to jail he wrote notes on his thoughts and ideas which was copied and published as Letters From Birmingham Jail and is used in college courses today as course material..  

 Sadly while at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee on the night of April 4,1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a fatal gunshot wound.  His murderer James Earl Gray was charged and plead guilty of the crime on March 10, 1969 nearly a year later.  Mr. Gray may have ended the life of the beloved minister, however he did not end this legacy.  That is why today we celebrate the life, accomplishments, and the devoted non violent leader that helped shape our Civil Rights today.  May we all honor and appreciate Mr. Martin luther KingJr. for all he has done for humanity, ending his life in the process. To Martin!!

Aviation Luxury’s

From the very first flight back in the early 1900’s, to the commercial and private aircraft that fly’s today, the world of aviation has done much in the form of remarkable advances, global economic stimulation, and more.

While through media sources we often hear about the gains and troubles commercial airlines go through, and feel the impact of price increases, what we don’t hear much about are the small advancements, if you wish to call them that, in the world above.

We now take for granted the ease to book a flight to anywhere in the world we want to travel to, or the small luxury’s of movies, food, reclining seats and alcohol on a flight. We can see distant family and friends in the matter of a day, as well as travel to places that at one time took a year to get to by sea. At one point in time the ability to be traveling in pieces of metal suspended in the deep blue sky was simply unimaginable.

We’ve really come quite some way.

Beyond the the many major advancements the world of aviation has experienced, are the luxurious aesthetic advancements that have been made. While most of us may be unaware of them, there is a private sector of jets, aircraft, and people that are. From small private planes and jets, to extremely large, expansive and expensive jets, advancements in many forms of are being made.

Plane aesthetic advancements-

We recently met with Rego from Colorado Signs. His business is based out of Colorado. He specializes in vinyl wraps and has recently been working with several small private jets. Not only is he visually creating and installing these vinyl wraps on the outside of aircraft, but the interior too. He has seen some very lush aircraft interiors, and has been part of the way they look and feel.

A vinyl wrap is a way to change the color or look of aircraft without paint. Interior cabinets, paneling and more can be wrapped, as well as the outside of the plane. He recently wrapped a small private jet with a gold chrome wrap. The inside cabinets were done wrapped in carbon fiber. He has wrapped a large jumbo jet interior in a satin ivory wrap, giving the interior of the plane a look pure plushness.  Vinyl is an advancement affordable by many size and style planes.

Aside from what a vinyl wrap can aesthetically do for a plane here ,are some other top luxurious amenities being offered….or purchased, and these ones with big price tags.

  • Hot Tubs- No longer just for private aircraft. Virgin Atlantic air wants to pamper it’s premium clientele and are adding hot tubs in some of their flights. In air hot tubs, now that’s a luxury.
  • Full Kitchens, and Private Chefs. Why fly without real homemade, gourmet food.
  • Full Bedrooms & Private Baths. Specific models are large enough to include full sized bedrooms and baths.
  • Garages. Yes a garage for you car aboard the aircraft. Imagine the cars being transported.
  • Meeting Rooms. Full board rooms ready to negotiate the next big sale. Business never sleeps, at least not on some aircraft.
  • Entertainment. Aircraft theaters, large screens, lights and all. Donald Trump’s private jet has a 52″ TV that plays all his favorite films.

The aviation industry has evolved, no doubt. What people are able to do on a large aircraft these days is unbelievable and a true luxury. What is next to come?




Young Eagles Program

One of the greatest things about the Aviation world is that it aspires to educate even the youngest of people out in the world as well as give them the opportunity to take their first airplane ride.  With the technology that has continued to develop over the decades allowing us to gain flight and travel to new and exciting places, so has our desire to share the gift of flight.  That is why in 1992 the U.S. Experimental Aircraft Association launched the Young Eagles Program. The program was designed to give kids and young adults between the ages of 8 and 17 a chance to take their first airplane ride and learn a little bit more about the wonderful world of Aviation.  Completely free of charge to those who would like to experience a flight in a general aviation airplane, the volunteers in this program as well as sponsors help to pick up the cost.  So far the program has been a success and has reached over 2 million kids in 90 different countries, allowing them the gift of flight.

Credited with much  of the success of the Young Eagles program is the 43,000 pilots that have not only donated their time and flying skills, but most of them also required the use of their own planes as well as picking up the entire cost of the flights that were given.  With such enthusiasm to help spread knowledge and perhaps stir desire in today’s youth to find an interest in the aviation industry, this program is helping to engage the attention of future pilots.  As a matter of fact with the program taking off so successfully there has now been a new “wing” added to it.  In May of 2009 The EAA and Sporty’s Pilot Shop found in Ohio, have created the Next Step within the Young Eagles Program.  They have created an online Compete Flight Training Course to any adolescent that may be interested in learning more about becoming a pilot after their Young Eagle flight.  There are also pilot logbooks available to those who want to log flight information.  This is the perfect way to test the waters of aviation and see if you have what it takes to become a pilot or maybe find another part of aviation that you are interested in.  If we create an outlet of experience and knowledge for today’s youth, they are able to explore things that may normally seen out of their reach.

This being said for those that are sincerely interested in the world of aviation there are many scholarships, aviation camps, internships, as well as schools and programs that offer aviation instruction.  In a world where our knowledge continues to grow on a daily basis, the youth of today are the next in line to broaden what we already know about technology today.  If we can start with them young and pave a path that encourages them to succeed in the field they choose as well as explore it to better understand where their strengths and interest lie, the more we succeed in helping to develop their futures.  The Young Eagles program was started as a small idea to spread experience and awareness and has grown beyond our belief.  With so many young children, teens, and young adults engaging in the idea of aviation and what it has to offer we can only hope that the program continues to succeed and grow as time goes on.  If you are interested in becoming a Young Eagle Volunteer go to the EAA’s website and click on the volunteer link.

The Boeing Legacy

The aviation world wouldn’t be near where it is today without the contribution and intelligence of William E. Boeing.  He not only is the founder of this multinational corporation,  but also a man full of knowledge and a strong business sense who pioneered the start of the aviation industry.  In 1903 William left college at Yale to enter into the Northwest timber industry.  Although seemingly a far different field than that of aviation, it is credited for his success within the aviation industry. Later he single handedly guided a small airplane manufacturing company into an incredible corporation of related industries.  Although he was forced to disperse the corporation during post depression legislation changes, as well as decided to sell his shares in the company, he still did aviation consulting for Boeing corporation during that of World War II.  He lived long enough to also see his from the ground built company enter into the age of the Jet.  Being the perfectionist he was, as well as sticking to facts when it came to his visions he orchestrated the success of what is now one of the largest global aircraft manufacturing companies in the world.  Not only that but it is also the second largest defense contractor in the world and the number one largest exporter by dollar value in the United States.  

William Boeing first bought a “Flying Birdcage” which refers to a type of two seater plane made by Glenn Martin.  It was also Glenn that taught William how to fly.   It was after Mr. Boeing crashed the plane and looked to Glenn Martin for parts to repair it that he got the idea to build his own plane.  Glenn told William that the parts could possibly take months to become available, let alone acquire.  William being the visionary that he was decided that that wouldn’t do and thought that he could build his own plane in that amount of time and a better one at that.  Referring back to his work in the timber industry and the knowledge of structures he obtained as well as the wealth he gained from the industry is what led him to set out on this new goal.  With the help of his friend George Conrad Westervelt they resolved to build a better plane.  And that is what they did.  They came out with the Boeing B&W Seaplane that was assembled in a hanger next to Lake Union in Seattle.  Seattle being the founding home to Boeing Headquarters and the beginning of the legacy that would follow.

     Today Boeing headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois and is split into five divisions.  It is now a multinational company that not only designs, manufactures and sells airplanes but also

does the same for satellites, rockets, and rotorcraft.  The five divisions of Boeing are as follows:

  1. Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  2. Boeing Capital
  3. Engineering, Operations and Technology
  4. Boeing defense, Space, and Security
  5. Boeing Shared Services Group

With technology and and the pioneering of aircraft manufacturing continuing to grow Boeing will be around for a long time to come.  It is a solid corporation that produces and monopolizes much of the aviation industry.  With its proof found in quality manufactured products, William Boeing paved the way to one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.  He started out with a vision and had the discipline, knowledge and intelligence to create a legacy that will continue to prosper.  


Hiring Event (9/16/16)

There is a large hiring event going on Friday December 16th from 3pm – 7pm at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix Arizona. Many aviation representatives from around the nation will be attending, seeking candidates for a variety of positions in the aviation industry. Maintenance, management and customer service positions are the highest in demand, but there will be recruiters looking for many positions in the industry. If you are in the Phoenix area, we strongly encourage you to check out this event, and get in front of top recruiters in the industry.

The event should be a great opportunity to network, socialize and just have fun. There will be a lot of leading companies in the industry attending this event, so there should be great information on upcoming technology and industry changes. The event will be put on by take one event rentals, a local event rental company, and will be an elegant and formal affair. Large tables will have catered food and beverages, and drink tickets will be available for the hotel bar. The event will be well lit and have heat lamps for guests who want to stay after sunset.

We encourage you to be prepared for this event and treat it as an informal interview. We recommend you not only look the part of a professional, but also act the part in order to take full advantage of this event.

How to prepare for the Event:

  • Dress to impress – Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the event. It is a casual but professional event, so formal professional attire is recommended. This is more than a hiring event, and also a great networking event, with many influencers in the industry attending.
  • Bring Business Cards – Being that this will be a great networking opportunity, we recommend bringing some business cards. Make sure your business cards are specific to your skills and desired position. If your business card is broad and generic we recommend you printing some new ones before the event. Try and create something that stands out, but it is also professional, and showcases your strengths. Don’t forget to include your email and social media links on your card.
  • Resume In Hand – Plan to bring at least ten copies of your resume to hand out to recruiters.
  • Gather Contacts – In addition to making sure everyone has your contact information, make sure you get theirs. Follow up is key to getting the job you want, so make sure you have the right name and contact information for the hiring manager.
  • Rehearse – It’s advised to rehearse what you are going to say to recruiters, and anticipate what questions they may ask. Think of it as a quick interview and impress them with how prepared you are for what may come up.
  • Don’t drink too much – Drinks will be available during the event, but we strongly advise moderating your drinking, or choose to drink after the event. Follow the role of the recruiters if anything, if they are not drinking, follow their lead, but if they are starting to unwind, it might not hurt to sip on a drink with them.
  • Have Fun – Recruiters will pick up on how much fun you are having and people like to be around fun people. Having fun will make you seem confident, and appear to be a great person to work with. Don’t take this too literally, remember to stay poised.

We hope that those in the Phoenix area who are seeking employment in the aviation industry, or are looking to network with others in their filed are able to attend. This will be one of the best events of its kind, and a great opportunity for those breaking into the industry, as well as those changing roles in their careers to attend. If you have any questions leading up to the event please contact us directly. We can put you in contact with program officials and help you make sure you are adequately prepared for the big day.

Hope to see you there.

Trump’s Tweet About Boeing

Well I guess we did not get everything out in our earlier publication about Trump. I don’t know if we could actually ever keep up with Trump and speculations about his presidency and the aviation industry. So we won’t try, but we figure we had to share the recent news about Trump, Boeing, and a trending tweet.

Boeing the American multinational company headquartered out of Chicago has been supplying the president of the united states with the Air Force One for decades. And has two of the planes scheduled for production for future presidents. The two planes that are in design are Boeing 747’s, and according to Trump far too expensive. In Trump’s own words, “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

This comment caught everyone off guard including Boeing, who has been in a constructive conversation with Trump since the post. There is not a conclusion on the matter yet, but Boeing is doing it’s best to secure the assumed contract it has been relying on for years with the White House.

Losing this deal could spell disaster for Boeing who has reportedly already flirted with the idea of eliminating production of the 747 due to a declining demand. The company has been down about 50% in sales of the Boeing 747 and desperately needs to see improved sales in order to continue production of this iconic plane. A loss of contract for the Air Force One could certainly be the blow that removes 747’s entirely from the market.

Although trump could be more tasteful with his disapproval of the price, perhaps he is sending a much needed message to manufacturers as a whole. The cost of the two Boeing 747’s is a fraction of the total $4 billion, and procurement of the two planes is only $282.2 million. The rest of the quoted price tag for the Air Force Ones will be for R&D. That is a staggering amount of money for R&D.

However the R&D necessary for producing a plane as capable as the Air Force One cannot be cheap. The plane is one of kind, with it’s ability to hold enough fuel to travel halfway across the globe and the ability to be refueled in flight, which allows the president to stay airborne indefinitely. The Air Force One is Additionally equipped with over a dozen televisions, 40+ plus telephones, radar deflection, flares to throw off heat seeking missiles, and a medical facility. So a handful of billions maybe does seem accurate. However Lockheed Martin and other military contractors have been caught in scandals of inflating cost that far exceed logic and are rooted in pure greed.

Perhaps this is a message to Boeing and other large manufactures that they need to be more competitively priced, and contracts are not going to be just handed out, and they will not be given a blank check for these contracts.

Although Trump stated that he wants Boeing to make a lot of money, even this seems outrageous for the Billionaire president.