Aviation Luxury’s

From the very first flight back in the early 1900’s, to the commercial and private aircraft that fly’s today, the world of aviation has done much in the form of remarkable advances, global economic stimulation, and more.

While through media sources we often hear about the gains and troubles commercial airlines go through, and feel the impact of price increases, what we don’t hear much about are the small advancements, if you wish to call them that, in the world above.

We now take for granted the ease to book a flight to anywhere in the world we want to travel to, or the small luxury’s of movies, food, reclining seats and alcohol on a flight. We can see distant family and friends in the matter of a day, as well as travel to places that at one time took a year to get to by sea. At one point in time the ability to be traveling in pieces of metal suspended in the deep blue sky was simply unimaginable.

We’ve really come quite some way.

Beyond the the many major advancements the world of aviation has experienced, are the luxurious aesthetic advancements that have been made. While most of us may be unaware of them, there is a private sector of jets, aircraft, and people that are. From small private planes and jets, to extremely large, expansive and expensive jets, advancements in many forms of are being made.

Plane aesthetic advancements-

We recently met with Rego from Colorado Signs. His business is based out of Colorado. He specializes in vinyl wraps and has recently been working with several small private jets. Not only is he visually creating and installing these vinyl wraps on the outside of aircraft, but the interior too. He has seen some very lush aircraft interiors, and has been part of the way they look and feel.

A vinyl wrap is a way to change the color or look of aircraft without paint. Interior cabinets, paneling and more can be wrapped, as well as the outside of the plane. He recently wrapped a small private jet with a gold chrome wrap. The inside cabinets were done wrapped in carbon fiber. He has wrapped a large jumbo jet interior in a satin ivory wrap, giving the interior of the plane a look pure plushness.  Vinyl is an advancement affordable by many size and style planes.

Aside from what a vinyl wrap can aesthetically do for a plane here ,are some other top luxurious amenities being offered….or purchased, and these ones with big price tags.

  • Hot Tubs- No longer just for private aircraft. Virgin Atlantic air wants to pamper it’s premium clientele and are adding hot tubs in some of their flights. In air hot tubs, now that’s a luxury.
  • Full Kitchens, and Private Chefs. Why fly without real homemade, gourmet food.
  • Full Bedrooms & Private Baths. Specific models are large enough to include full sized bedrooms and baths.
  • Garages. Yes a garage for you car aboard the aircraft. Imagine the cars being transported.
  • Meeting Rooms. Full board rooms ready to negotiate the next big sale. Business never sleeps, at least not on some aircraft.
  • Entertainment. Aircraft theaters, large screens, lights and all. Donald Trump’s private jet has a 52″ TV that plays all his favorite films.

The aviation industry has evolved, no doubt. What people are able to do on a large aircraft these days is unbelievable and a true luxury. What is next to come?