Changing Landscape

Much has changed in the aviation throughout the years. From the beginning of the Short 12 sec flight made by the Wright brother up to today, we have come a long way. The gains we’ve made in the industry has led to more job opportunities. 

Aviation jobs are no longer just for pilots in charge of flying a plane. They encompass much more and offer a variety of opportunity in many areas. A unique perk is the ability to travel.  Whether you are a pilot or flight attendant that sees new places, or you work in another department but benefit from the travel perks associate in the industry, traveling becomes a more affordable option. 

Let’s explore what aviation has to offer.

In the sky: Up in the Air Crew

Pilots. Commercial aircrafts, small passenger planes, cargo planes, corporate jets, and private jets, pilots play a key role in the industry. Currently there seems to be a shortage of experienced, qualified pilots. There has been a lot of talk on why this, but let’s just say it is. A career in the aviation industry as a pilot may be the route you want to go. 

Flight Attendants-Stewards/Stewardess. Service in the air. Although the annual salary is not one to make you millions, the perks involved make it a job worth exploring. Of course training and the ability to handle in air emergencies are a necessity, becoming a flight attendant does not require a college education. The perks of being a flight attendant include the flexibility of part time or full time, the free travel benefits, and other perks depending on if you work for a commercial airline or private/corporate service.

Ground On the: On the ground crew

Aerospace Engineer – Understanding and leading crews through aerospace engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Manager – Make sure aircrafts are well maintained and managed according to guidelines and standards.

Air Traffic Controller-manage the flow of aircraft and safety. Manage incoming and outgoing flights. Communicate with pilots, other control centers, ground and alert staff.

Ramp Crew – baggage

Aviation Mechanic – Service planes and make sure all aircraft is up to standard and within mechanical guidelines.

There are of course so many other opportunities on the ground, especially for commercial airlines. From reservationists, to Sky Cap and Flight Dispatchers. 

Have you thought about a career in the Aviation Field? Many positions require degrees and experience. There are many positions that do not have these requirements and may be a fit for you. The travel benefits available to employees are one obvious perk of working in the industry, and why many part time flight attendants and ramp assistants love their job.

Make sure to stop back regularly and visit the available job and career opportunities the industry has to offer.