Helicopters….I don’t believe that helicopters get as much credit as they deserve.  Everyone knows that airplanes are the general consensus for travel among people throughout the world.  They are of course more efficient in holding a large number of  people and taking them across land and sea to destinations of their choice.  We have small planes for the beginning pilots to fly which in turn bring charter flights into the mix.  What about helicopters and all they provide for us as well.  From medi-vacing someone in dire need of medical attention, to giving the news stations traffic updates, to still even allowing for fire departments to enlist in the help of bringing giant gallons of water into the eye of a fire, to being able to explore the rare beauty in valleys and such while on vacation in destinations such as Hawaii, helicopters are small birds that can accomplish much.  

 My first love for helicopters began in 1999, when my parents took me on a graduation trip to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.  I was excited to explore the island and see the pristine beaches.  To be the biggest tourist you could imagine and devour as much sightseeing as possible.  Being from the desert this seemed like a dream come true.  Fast forward to arriving and realizing accessing the lava flow from the Volcano was much more real and alot harder of a task then I imagined.  To making the ability to see waterfalls and  the crevices of valleys such as Waipio Valley a task that would take forever on foot.  I only had 5 days!  My dad being the great guy that he is and with such great ideas, comes up with taking a helicopter tour of the island.  The brochure stated that we would be able to fly, into, up to and around things that would otherwise not happen or that may limit us to seeing the beauty first hand as I had imagined on the PLANE ride there.

We hopped on a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour and saw everything!  From the Volcano spouting lava, exploring the Volcanic craters, flying up and into the valley of waterfalls so close I could feel the pressure of the pounding water vibrate through the rotors.  That was when I knew that planes were great, after all one brought me to this magical place, but helicopters were something special.  They had the agility and the compactness to enter into spots that planes otherwise could not.  They were able to whisk me away off the ground in a safe ride, a ride that I may say was probably the ride of my life to this day.  

So although airplanes overshadow helicopters merely with their size and capacities,let’s not forget the incredible adventure and experience that can be found in riding in a helicopter!