Trump’s Effect On The Aviation Industry

There is a lot of speculation on how the presidency of Donald Trump will effect the aviation industry. There have been many statements from Trump regarding the infrastructure of the U.S. and big promises to improve it. The commercial airline industry is a huge part of the U.S. infrastructure, and something Trump has routinely commented on. Citing the overall superiority of some foreign airports, relative to many famous U.S. airports. These comments imply airport improvements might be a big emphasis in this reported 1 trillion dollar infrastructure investment. However, this is simply speculation and we won’t know until we know.

These statements are just false promises according to many U.S. analysts. These supposed improvements alongside promised massive tax cuts do not seem realistic according to many specialist. Even if there were large amounts of cash to throw at the airline industry, it’s not something cash alone can fix. Many environmental protection acts and policies don’t easily allow for an infrastructure re-haul, there are many hoops that we have created as a society that even money can’t easily overcome. Environmental regulations protecting endangered species in many states have restricted the ability for airport expansion alongside other regulations. Additionally, airport budgets are accountable to the public, and cannot justify lavish renovations, similar to some foreign counterparts. Furthermore, the aviation industries labor force is one of the largest unions in the country and well protected by the U.S. government, which doesn’t allow U.S. airports to leverage cheap labor like many foreign airports do.

Much of the regulations and protectionism that has been created in years past, has made the aviation industry, NASA and many other public industries clunky. Private industries like SpaceX and foreign aviation industries are easily outperforming their uncompetitive public counterparts, so in order to really improve the aviation industry, privatization must be a subject of conversation. Easier said than done…

Trump has proposed to spend 1 trillion on infrastructure improvements throughout the elections and it is unclear his full intentions for the airline industry, but many comments suggest a strong emphasis on their improvements. His recent choice for Department of Transportation head Elaine Chao, is promising with her success in Bush Jr’s presidency, but a lack of clarity on improvements leaves many people wondering.

There is hope for improvement in airports and air traffic control by many in the industry, but it is too soon to tell what effects we will see during Trump’s presidency. Governmental regulations, labor unions, and budgets may halt the big promises of Donald Trump.

Time will tell.